When You Come To A Fork In The Road, Pick It Up

With apologies to Yogi Berra, owner Jimmy Parker of the Red Hat Bistro & Bar at 63 Main Street in Irvington has done just that, ending one successful career and starting another... Read more »

So Close Yet So Very Far Away

There’s so much to say about the Castle in Tarrytown, and those who visit its magnificent grounds on a hilltop overlooking the Hudson River, find descriptive adjectives most useful. Read more »

Take Advantage of Tax Law Changes

It may seem far off still, but it’s not too early to begin preparing for tax season. In fact, a number of significant tax laws passed by Congress this year will give... Read more »

Around the House, New Year’s Resolution: Clutter Clearing with help from Feng Shui

Maybe Feng Shui is not at the top of your list for New Year’s Resolutions this year, but it can help get you motivated if one of your resolutions is to clean... Read more »

The Locals Take Center Stage

David Bromberg Three events at the Music Hall within a month will feature local performers. First, the Fred Astaire Dance Studio’s annual ballroom showcase on January 28, called Mystery Theater, promises to... Read more »

A Brief History of Tarrytown, Part One

Situated on the eastern shore of the Hudson River, in an area called the Tappan Zee (Tappan for the Tappan Indians who once lived in what is now Rockland County, and Zee... Read more »

A Brief History of Tarrytown, Part Two

1849 was a turning point in the history of Tarrytown as the New York & Hudson River Railroad connected New York City and Albany as it passed through Tarrytown. Read more »

How The Tarrytown Lakes Came To Be

How many of us are so busy with our lives that we see how fast we can negotiate the curves around the Tarrytown Lakes as we hurry to get home? I was... Read more »

Our Children, Those Tough and Tender Teenagers

Anyone who knows me even moderately well knows I love teenagers. A large percentage of my patients are teenagers and I just adore every one of them ‚Äî their energy, their angst,... Read more »

The Marvelous Month of May, At Historic Hudson Valley

On Mother’s Day the Singing Spring Sisters will perform at Washington Irving’s Sunnyside. In a fitting collaboration for Mother’s Day, several mother and daughter pairs are joining together to create Artists-on-the-Hudson, an... Read more »