Though the bedside tables in this bedroom aren’t matched, their similar heights and matching lamps provide symmetry and balance to the room. Bedroom designed by Barbara Sternau Interior Design.

~ Around the House ~ Your Design Questions Answered: Dispelling Some Common Decorating Myths

Myth 1: It’s less expensive to recover your sofa than to buy a new one. Nope – it’s usually not. Unless you plan to buy your sofa at Ikea, Bob’s, or another... Read more »
Suella Vainstein

The Traveler’s Epidemic

Born to a very traditional immigrant family, I was always raised to plan on getting married somewhere between my sophomore year and summer-after-senior-year of college. So when my high school boyfriend announced... Read more »
Nathan Grau

The Sharing of Time & Experience…

Tarrytown and the neighboring villages have the benefit of a multi-cultural experience through interacting with the students who attend the EF [Education First] School on the former Marymount College campus. Read more »

Resolve to Live a Healthy Life

Whatever we celebrate, the holiday season is a time for friends and family. In this day and age, that can mean many things…local family gatherings, long distance travel, or holiday greetings from... Read more »

Is There a Doctor in The House?

This is the last in my “soapbox series” about the state of healthcare in this country. You may have read the last two articles and thought, “I am only one person; what... Read more »
Paula Cloutier

A Gift of Mobility

A lifelong resident of Tarrytown, Paula Cloutier, has suffered from juvenile diabetes well into adulthood and as a result has become a double leg amputee. Ms. Cloutier, a former Licensed Practical Nurse,... Read more »
Special touches like an arrangement in the powder room give your home a festive feel

Simple Holiday Decor

Growing up, I watched my mother stock up in the produce department every December. Not for making seasonal pies or fruitcake – she was buying our holiday decorations. Between fruits and nuts... Read more »

Rainwater Grill Celebrates 2nd Anniversary

Tony Fortunate of Briarcliff Manor and his partner Ken Lauro celebrate 2  Years at Rainwater Grill in Hastings. Rainwater Grill, located at 19 Main Street is the first such restaurant to accomplish... Read more »

How Will Fracking Impact Westchester County and Local Municipalities?

Hydrofracking is the extraction of oil from rock deep within the earth’s crust. The issues surrounding fracking stretch far beyond the actual drilling process and can affect many different aspects of New... Read more »

Tarrytown Ink

At the Tarrytown Village Board Meeting of Monday, October 3rd, the Board voted 5-1 to approve legislation to allow a tattoo parlor to open within the Village.  Since the decision has now... Read more »