Prepare for Healthcare Costs

Prepare for Health Care Costs During Retirement

As you save and invest for retirement, what are your ultimate goals? Do you plan on traveling the world? Purchasing a vacation home? Pursuing your hobbies? People often think and plan for... Read more »
Youth Mental Health First Aid forum March 13th

Learn About Youth Mental Health First Aid Training on March 13th at Westchester Safer Communities Forum

Westchester County’s Safer Communities Forum will be held on March 13th, 9:00 AM at the Westchester County Center. Youth Mental Health First Aid is a nationally recognized certification course that teaches the... Read more »
cabin fever

This Winter’s Diagnosis — Cabin Fever

As I write this, on a Tuesday morning, a time I usually reserve for a weekly horseback riding lesson, I have left a message canceling for today, as the “real feel” temperature... Read more »
Richard Hochenberg DDS Tarrytown

Spotlight on Dr. Richard Hochenberg

“Bespoke” is not used as a term for a dental practice,  but in this instance it defines the timeless values and principles of Dr. Richard Hochenberg. His practice embraces the values of... Read more »
cold temperatures

Health Tips to Weather the Bitter Cold

With dangerously cold temperatures forecast until Wednesday morning, the Westchester County Department of Health reminds residents to take precautions against hypothermia and frostbite and to take care when heating their homes using... Read more »
What about the boys

What About the Boys?

About five years ago, Peg Tyre, a long-time education journalist, wrote a book called The Trouble With Boys which discussed why boys were not being served well in today’s public schools.  Christina... Read more »
Hold That Call

Hold That Call

No one can deny that advances in technology can be a wonderful thing.  Particularly in the areas of medicine and education, technology gives people more access to what they need, saves lives,... Read more »
Ruthanne Abramovich, Westchester County Mental Health Association

A New Way of Living with Mental Illness

At right, Briarcliff resident Ruthanne Abramovich is the Assistant Executive Director of Westchester County Mental Health Association. Living in Westchester County with mental illness can be very challenging.  Not only for those... Read more »
hydration exertional heat stroke

House Calls – Preventing Exertional Heat Stroke in Young Athletes

Summer heat waves bring high temperatures that may last for days and weeks. This can cause a spectrum of heat related illnesses ranging from mild to life-threatening conditions. Exertional heat stroke is... Read more »
heat advisory for westchester county

Health Department Issues Heat Advisory

With hot and humid weather forecast for this week, the Westchester County Health Department is issuing a heat advisory. As temperatures rise, residents are advised to avoid strenuous activity, drink plenty of... Read more »