Avraham Merav Md and Rocco Lafaro MD Phelps Memorial Hospital

New Lung Nodule Center Offers Early Screening for Lung Cancer

Phelps Memorial Hospital Center has established the Westchester Lung Nodule Center to screen individuals for early detection of cancer. The presence of nodules leads to a higher probability of developing lung cancer.... Read more »
school transitions

Transition Points in our Children’s Lives

Before I went into full-time private practice I worked for several years as a school psychologist at all grade levels.  As this is a time of obvious transition — graduations, wedding season... Read more »
Lyme Disease - deer tick

House Calls – How well do you know Lyme Disease?

Lyme disease is the most common tick-borne disease and is also the sixth most common reportable disease in the U.S.  Lyme disease is transmitted through the bites of very tiny, immature ticks,... Read more »
Hernia Center at Phelps Memorial Hospital Tarrytown

Hernia Center Established at Phelps Memorial Hospital Center

According to the National Center for Health Statistics, USA, approximately 5 million Americans have a hernia, with an estimated 800,000 people developing a new abdominal hernia annually. Yet, only about 750,000 people... Read more »
kidnap victims

Unthinkable Abuse — A Reality

As details continue to come in regarding the three young women abducted and kept prisoner in Cleveland, some people are questioning how Ariel Castro, the accused kidnapper, could commit such a crime,... Read more »
Seasonal Allergies

House Calls – Seasonal Allergies

This long winter has put a strain on all of us and along with you, I am welcoming spring with open arms. The sunshine, cool breeze and the glimpse of green in... Read more »
The Wrong RX

The Wrong Rx

The New York Times recently published a very lengthy story focusing on the suicide of a young man after what appeared to be addiction to the drug Adderall, used to treat attention... Read more »
House Calls by Caroline Cho, M.D.

Understanding the Norovirus

It’s winter season… Pediatric offices are busy with calls and visits with complaints of fever, cough, vomiting and diarrhea. I was on call just a few days ago, and the majority of... Read more »
Healthy Nutrition-What you Need to Know

Heart Healthy Nutrition – What You Need to Know

February is known for affairs of the heart, but it’s not all about romance! As the official Healthy Heart Month, February is also a time to focus on a heart healthy diet. Read more »
Asking the right questions

Is No One Asking the Right Question…Are You Okay?

The Webber Park neighborhood recently experienced the sudden deaths of two women, one by apparent domestic violence (her husband has reportedly been charged with her murder, but many other details remain closed).... Read more »