Two Local Women Offer Solo Art Show

Tarrytown resident Camilla Calhoun and her business partner Nancy Kiesendahl Bloch of Pleasantville are planning their second solo art show. The exhibit Thomas Locker: Nature’s Lessons includes some still life and over thirty evocative landscapes, from Hudson River views of Westchester’s Rockwood Park in Sleepy Hollow to Hunter Mountain in the Catskills where he teaches summer courses to pass on his traditional techniques.

Thomas Locker’s art and personal perspective embraces the traditions of the Hudson River School painters: reverence, awe, transformation and humility before the grandiosity and beauty of nature.

Stuart Preston of the New York Times said the early work of Mr. Locker, “manages to create the proper impression of dreamy reverie.” Edward Barry of the Chicago Tribune noted, “… a viewer looking at his pictures senses the breathless excitement with which he tries to capture the spun-gold effect of the early morning.” William Wilson of the Los Angeles Times saw the paintings as “magical” and slightly “hallucinatory.” Dr. Joshua C. Taylor, former director of the National Collection of Fine Arts for the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C., wrote, “Although Locker’s landscapes are not glimpses of a new Arcadia, the quotation from the past reemphasizes their cerebral play. They call attention less to Nature than to the complex intermingling of perception and thought in the mind of man. Suddenly, seeing becomes thinking, and thinking a delight to the age.”

Opening artist reception and exhibit will be in the home of Nancy Kiesendahl Bloch, 122 Great Oak Lane, Pleasantville, Friday November 10th, from 5-8pm, Open noon to 5PM November 11-12th , 19 – 20th . The exhibit runs through December 1st by appointment. Groups welcome. Please call 914 332 4842 or 914 741 2573.

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