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"For me to do a good job, I have to do a good job for you." Those words, spoken by Michael Criscuolo, GRI, Branch Manager and Associate Broker at Prudential Rand in Tarrytown, have guided him through 21 years in the real estate business.


Greg Rand (left) with Tarrytown Branch Manager Michael Criscuolo

A graduate of Lehman College in the Bronx, he knew then and he knows now that sales are where his interest and talent lies. "All the books that I ever read always spoke of real estate as a cornerstone to financial success and so I learned as much as I could. I also found out very early that in real estate you helped people realize their dreams," he said, during an interview in his Tarrytown office. In order to be of help to anyone in any career, the skill of listening to others, not just hearing them, but listening is extremely important. Mr. Criscuolo’s personal philosophy gives particular importance to the skill of listening. "Most people, when they talk about homes, express their wants and desires and I hear that often. What I try to do is have them turn more towards their needs and what they hope to accomplish in buying or selling a home," he said. As a realtor he has found that the quicker he can have people focus on their needs the quicker he can serve them.

In selling a home people have an asset that they need to convert into dollars. Often sellers are clouded by their own opinions as to their property’s value and worth. Mr. Criscuolo works at taking the emotional aspect out of the transaction and focuses on the business side, so it is a win/win for both the seller and the buyer. His managerial experience and the fact that he has been a part of over 1200 real estate transactions during his career, have proven helpful in pricing homes realistically so they will sell in a timely manner. "My forte is to get an owner to hear my message as to where the real estate market is and where it is going. I also know how to prepare a property for sale and who the best candidates are for actually buying it. Basically I see myself as a calming factor in the transaction. I keep things focused on the business side and make certain that the terms are acceptable to buyers and sellers," he said.

Prudential Rand’s Tarrytown office is an exciting office with a great exchange of ideas, according to Mr. Criscuolo, who has managed it for the past four years. "The Prudential Rand team has a lot to offer. Not only with products and services, but more importantly with agents, who understand the process of selling. We have fourteen active sales agents who attend weekly meetings dealing with changes in the real estate market and market conditions. We also review all of the legal aspects required to do our work effectively. Laws and codes have to be understood and abided by," he noted. In short, the more informed the real estate agent is, the less complicated the transaction becomes for both the buyer and the seller. "I believe that the true sign of a professional is a person that can do the same task over and over again, with predictable results. That is success," he added. In selling a home, prior to it going on the market, Prudential Rand agents make certain that the property is a conforming house with all necessary certificates on record. They then explain all the particular fair housing practices to the home owner and discuss financing options to ensure that all potential buyers are qualified. The process keeps the seller informed and confident that his or her needs are being addressed. "We ask hard questions and never lose sight of the fact that sellers expect us to know our business," he said.

Regardless of whether someone is looking to buy or sell a home, Michael Criscuolo and his agents at Prudential Rand are an astute group of professionals that can serve clients in a myriad of ways. "We have found that people truly want one-stop shopping in real estate. They want a streamlined experience where the realtor can guide them in every aspect of the transaction. We have our own in-house mortgage company and title company and we also offer home warranties. In short, we offer the entire package," Mr. Criscuolo said. That attention to detail along with the in-depth services that he and his staff provide, have helped make Prudential Rand one of the leading agencies in Westchester County and beyond. For additional information on any of the services Prudential Rand offers call (914) 631-6743.

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