Music Soothes the Soul and Rocks Your Social Skills

Did you know that learning an instrument has been proven more effective in sharpening abstract reasoning skills in children than teaching them computer skills? Yet we spend hours glued to those stress-inducing electronic devices of all shapes and sizes, while music is super-effective at reducing stress. Picking up an instrument will literally make you smarter, and your life better.

Music has wonderful benefits for the brain’s cognitive processes. In other words, you get better at math, memorization, coordination and focus. Also, there are social benefits and not just because of how cool you look when you pick up your uncle’s guitar and play a few licks of “Sweet Home Alabama.”

When you are at a party and you hear: “Can anyone sit in on drums?” the answer coming from you should be yes. But what good is being popular and socially accepted if you are a hot mess at socializing. Well, thankfully the training that the mind and body go through in order to comprehend music is the same training used to refine speech and verbal skills, time management, listening skill – the list goes on.

Perhaps socialization is not your child’s thing. Again, a musical instrument comes to the rescue. In the safety of your own home or bed-room, you can make music, unwind, and, with recent advancements in musical soft-ware, make music that you can share with the world.

Simply put, music is magic. It plays on our emotions. A song can make us feel happy, give us energy, or put us to sleep. Music pulls the strings of our emotions, and the ability to have anything to do with that kind of power is a gift we should all strive for.

At this point I have you convinced. You understand the power of music and playing an instrument and you want in. So where do you start? Well luckily you are reading this in the River Journal! Rock Island Sound is a local music store that also specializes in music lessons, with locations in Tarry-town and Rye, and has been tending to the musical needs of Westchester residents for nearly sixteen years.

Do you have questions on what kind of keyboard to purchase, or the difference between a Stratocaster and a Telecaster? Do you want to sign up for music lessons but don’t know where to begin? Can’t decide on what instrument to study? Give the experts a call and let them help you get the magic of music into your life.

Paul Bessolo is the owner of Rock Island Sound in Tarrytown and Rye. You can reach him and his team of musical experts at  914-333-0420

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