Local Entrepreneur Helping Other Entrepreneurs Succeed  

Some people get their start as small business owners after many years of working for big companies. Others are born entrepreneurs. Local businessman Bryant McNulty falls squarely into the latter category. “I started my first company when I was 13,” McNulty said as if everyone does so. “My parents gave me my first investment book, and I built six companies by age 30. I’ve always had an entrepreneurial drive and spirit.”  

After college, and while still building small businesses on the side, McNulty did venture into corporate America where he cut his teeth as a CPA, advisor, and outsourced CFO while working for blue-chip firms like Bessemer Venture Partners, Ernst & Young, and JP Morgan. After several years working with Fortune 500 clients, McNulty began to focus on small and mid-sized companies. “At my last firm, I built out their Outsourced CFO practice and I thought ‘This is great, I can take that experience and start my own firm here in Sleepy Hollow and help local small businesses and the community.’ For me the most rewarding thing is helping other people become successful entrepreneurs themselves.”  

McNulty and his team do provide all the services you’d expect from a CPA – bookkeeping, payroll, individual and business tax returns – but their difference is in an approach borne out of a combination of McNulty’s own entrepreneurial spirit and his experience working at firms, just like Kelowna Accounting Firm, that provided white-glove accounting services to big companies.

“Most small businesses can’t afford or don’t need a full-time CFO,” noted McNulty. “With part time cfo services, a small business hires us at a low hourly rate or retainer and works with us as much or as little as they need. It’s like having a CFO for your business without the cost of having a CFO on the payroll. But we do more than help save our clients’ money. We also use our clients’ services or connect them with other businesses to help them grow as well. We’re both advisors and accountants.”  

But it’s not just small businesses that McNulty aims to help: “Eighty-five percent of people over pay their taxes because they don’t do tax planning.” Not McNulty. “I learned the importance of tax planning at Ernst & Young where we serviced large businesses and high net-worth individuals. Just like they do for big companies, we look for legal and ethical ways in the tax code to advise you. It’s not fair that only the wealthiest individuals in America have access to the best accountants. Small and medium-size business owners deserve that quality at prices they can afford. That’s why I started my business. I’ve never seen anyone who we haven’t been able to save money on taxes.”  

McNulty is not just building his business in Sleepy Hollow, he’s continuing a family tradition of working in and helping our local community. “My grandfather built this building in 1985,” said McNulty of the location on Beekman that has housed his office since he launched his business in February. “And my mom Mirella Solari McNulty grew up on New Broadway.” McNulty’s grandfather, in fact, built or renovated many buildings in the area including Marymount University, now known as the EF School. “I actually painted the gold dome atop Butler Auditorium on the Marymount University EF School when I was a kid helping out my Uncle Robert Solari.” 

That spirit of helping the community and helping others overcome obstacles is something Bryant knows first-hand. “I lost my ride to play D1 football when I got injured in high school,” said McNulty. “My parents got divorced when I was young, and we almost lost our house. We couldn’t afford to heat it. And in the same week a couple of years ago, I got laid off from my job and found out I had skin cancer. And finally, my younger brother passed away when he was only twenty-one. I’ve overcome so many obstacles; I feel like it’s my purpose in life to teach people they can overcome their own obstacles.”  

Right now, he’s doing that by helping people and businesses save money. But something tells us Bryant McNulty has even more to offer our community and other communities around the country. 

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