John Sardy: From the House of God to the House Next Door

John Sardy has a long and unique history of serving others. John started by offering spiritual service; dedicating eight years to ministry. Then, John became a “server,” taking on various restaurant positions that include Ruth Chris and Restaurant Manager of The Castle.

John’s passion for serving others has now led him to Prudential Rand Realty. “Now I’m in the real estate business, which is the most dedicated service you need…there’s detail and people’s needs are very, very up front,” he explains.

John is a New York State certified realtor who is quite familiar with the community. He is a twenty-year Tarrytown native and believes that the “river-town feel is one of the best in Westchester.” John is a dedicated buyer agent and stresses the importance of buyers signing contracts, having a qualified agent who is working for them and not just the seller. This practice has only been around for a few months and John says it’s important for people to be made aware. He encourages his clients to seek out consultation; “Realtors want to offer consultation.” He is also happy to sit down with clients to discuss property values and the current direction of the market. In addition, John is an internet marketing manager and has an e-commerce patent pending.

John Sardy works at Prudential Rand Realty, 181 South Broadway. He can be reached at (914) 631-6743 Ext. 122 or on his cell (914) 830-5194. Be sure to check out his current listings at

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