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For Owen Cosgrove, a world-renowned insurance company like Allstate, or perhaps those affordable auto insurance services, is more like a family business. After all, both his father and sister operate their own Allstate branch in White Plains.

Owen actually worked for his father’s branch at one point. After 8 months of working there the management was so impressed Owen was given the option of having his own office. Now with his own branch at 7 North Broadway, he offers the same quality and service to the people of Tarrytown, Sleepy Hollow and beyond.

When it comes to auto insurance or any other type of coverage, you have to make sure you are choosing the policy that best fits you. Owen and his staff have been offering just that for the past 6 years. He makes the “reverse commute” from Manhattan each day to make sure that his customers are receiving the best service that the company can provide. Allstate offers a variety of services including property and casualty insurance, general liability insurance, and commercial insurance. “[Allstate] is really diversified in what we offer — you name it and we sell it,” he said . When asked what separates Allstate from others he noted, “It’s really a matter of the service you provide — we just try to do what’s right for the customer. Recently [Allstate] came out with a new product called ‘Your Choice Auto’ which is a slightly different product than other companies’ basic automobile insurance.”

Besides Owen, the Tarrytown branch has a full-time staff member named Edgar and a part-time member named Hirbod. Speaking about his staff he added, “They’re fully licensed, wellversed on the products and great with the customers.” Edgar offers consultation for the branch’s Spanish-speaking customers.

Owen Cosgrove’s Allstate Insurance Company is located at 7 North Broadway in Tarrytown and he can be reached at (914) 631-6000.

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