Asphalt Plant To Be Dismantled and Moved

GONE! At his own expense, National RE/Source’s president and developer for the proposed “Ferry Landings,” Mr. Joseph Cotter, has engineered a move that will take Peckham Industries’ “County Asphalt” plant […] Read more »

Update on Proposed Meadow Street Firehouse

The April issue of River Journal ran a story about the protest over the proposed building of a new firehouse on Meadow Street. To keep current with the issue we […] Read more »

Residents Protest – Mayor Apologizes…, At Issue Is Location Of New Firehouse

Left to right: Trustee Tom Butler, Mayor Drew Fixell, Fire Chief Robert Scogna and Trustee Clarice Pollack at recent ground breaking ceremony for new firehouse on Meadow Street. A group […] Read more »

River Journal Online

During its first month, has elicited a substantial number of emails regarding the site’s crisp appearance, ease of use and relevancy with regard to content. Read more »