From River Journal, A Shattered Legacy

Last summer we ran an article entitled "A Tale of Two Schools" which was prompted by calls we had received from school personnel who were concerned with discipline and behavior […] Read more »

Ferry Landings, A Plan in Progress

To understand the planning behind the revitalization of Tarrytown’s post-industrial waterfront, it is necessary to look at Greenwich, Connecticut-based National RE/sources. Read more »

What’s Fair and What’s Enough…, Negotiating A New Police Contract

As of June 1, the wage and benefit contract for Sleepy Hollow’s Police Department was two years past due. Currently, the Department and the Village are in negotiations while also […] Read more »

The Fork In The Road For Lighthouse Landing

For the better part of eight years, Sleepy Hollow’s Mayor, Philip Zegarelli, has crafted a plan with the help of the Board of Trustees, residents, volunteer boards, Village and County […] Read more »

Lighthouse Landing…, Getting It Right The First Time

One of the many positive things to come out of Sleepy Hollow’s public hearings on Lighthouse Landing, was the opportunity to speak with Nick Robinson. He joined the Planning Board […] Read more »

Service Above Self, Donations Enable Rotary To Buy Truck For Katrina Cleanup

Top: Salvation Army worker with New Orleans resident. Bottom: Chevrolet pickup truck being loaded with tools and supplies bound for New Orleans to aid in reconstruction efforts. The effects of […] Read more »

Getting It Right The Third Time, What A New Village Hall Has Meant To Tarrytowners

The issue of a new Village Hall for Tarrytown raises several questions – the first being, how efficient has Village government been with a project that started ten years ago? Read more »

JoAnne Murray, Melding Business and Community Service

JoAnne Murray with her business partner, Ed Schultz In 1974 JoAnne Murray moved from Oneonta, New York to be closer to her home town of Suffern in Rockland County. She […] Read more »

Neperan Park Takes Shape

Mayor Fixell at groundbreaking ceremony. The day proved quite refreshing after the rain clouds cleared during the early morning of January 12th. A small group of people gathered for the […] Read more »

Pride & Grace, The Village of Tarrytown acknowledged Alyce Coqueran with her very own day.

Alyce Coqueran On Cortlandt Street in 1926 a midwife named Mrs. Zingaro delivered a baby girl to be named Alyce. She grew up on that block attending and graduating from […] Read more »