Brothers on a Mission – Make Someone Happy

Doug and Jim Crossett are not only brothers, but the owners of two highly successful restaurants in Pleasantville. Michael’s Tavern and McArthur’s have become staples in the Pleasantville community much like their... Read more »

When School’s Out, Construction Begins…
To Span Three Years

Outlines and timetables for the expansion and renovation of the Washington Irving School were presented at the final EPTA meeting held at John Paulding on May 30. Read more »

Never Too Old For Something New, Senior Housing For Sleepy Hollow

Starting this fall, construction will begin on a new senior housing development on Valley Street in Sleepy Hollow. This low-income housing structure will stand just across from Margotta Court and add much... Read more »

"An Independent Voice Running For School Board"

Although Leslie Jeris describes herself as an "independent voice," she is also the voice of every parent who’s ever wanted the best education for her child. Read more »

A Home Not So Far Away From Home, The Tarrytown Boys & Girls Club

To say the Boys and Girls Club has had a positive effect on the Village of Tarrytown is an understatement. The facility, located at the Community Opportunity Center at 105 Wildey Street,... Read more »

A Look at Hispanic Migration in the U.S.

The increase of Hispanics coming to this country is something Americans know is happening and yet don’t know much about. To better understand this influx, one must first recognize their reasons for... Read more »

Sleepy Hollow Trustee Elections: DeFelice, Murray, and Morales

Mario DiFelice, Andy Murray, and Sandra Morales are up for re-election this March in hopes of continuing their success as village trustees. The group will be on the Sleepy Hollow Republican ticket,... Read more »

Spotlight on “Professor T’s School of Rock”

Steve Tubin After years of working as a musician and composer for clients all around the world, like Michael Bolton, Liza Minnelli and Bo Diddley, Steve Tubin has now focused on a... Read more »

Hey Look Me Over, Lend Me An Ear, Meet the Republican Candidates

Left to right: Michael Farley, Domenic Morabito and Mike Husband. Michael Farley, Michael Husband, and Nick Morabito have dedicated an astounding number of years of service to the Tarrytown community and are... Read more »