The Gift of Life

Several years ago a prominent Tarrytown family donated the organs of a deceased family member. Those organs went on to provide life for eight individuals who would otherwise have been unable to sustain it.

In Pleasantville a teenage girl discussed organ donation with her parents unaware that her life would end so prematurely three weeks later. Her organs enabled many others to live.

Organ transplants include the heart, lungs, liver, kidneys, pancreas and small intestines. Multiple tissues can also be "recovered" enabling up to fifty recipients to receive "the gift of life." It is a generous act for individuals and family members to decide that they want organs and tissues recovered at the time of death in order for others to continue to live. Individuals considering these donations should first and foremost tell their family members and loved ones that this is what they want. Signing the back of their driver’s license is another way to let people know their wishes. In New York State they can enroll in the NY State Donate Life Registry, as well, which indicates consent.

For further information on organ donation interested individuals can go to the Transplant Support Organization online at or write to them at 1154 Webster Avenue, New Rochelle, NY 10804. The organization’s president, Mr. Jeff Graham, can be reached at (914) 576-6617.

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