The Art of Living in the Suburbs, Reading and Book Signing at The Village Book Store

Hudson Valley resident Cecilia Kochanowski, author of Plumbersutra: The Art of Living in the Suburbs, will be at The Village Bookstore in Pleasantville, for a reading and book signing from 11 to 1 on Saturday, July 29.

In this delightfully entertaining book we get a fresh view of how our houses seduce us into caring for them lovingly, devoting ourselves to their improvement.

It is a tale of buying under pressure of time, jet-lag and, of course, financial limits; moving in with trepidation; discovering hidden treasures and dangers; learning to live with one’s house, to treat it well so that it gives us pleasure in return.

"After several years in Europe, author Cecilia Kochanowski returns to the United States with her husband and two daughters. Sadly resigning themselves to the fact that they cannot afford to return to a Manhattan home —and while wasted on jet lag —Kochanowski manages to buy a faded yellow cottage in a sleepy village nestled in the Hudson Valley."

"All aspects of the move back to the States are a shock: the commute to work is long, the local varmints are voracious, and the cottage nearly blows up from a gas leak only five days after the family moves in."

"As they negotiate their prejudice against their new home, the family confronts the village zoning board, a cowboy plumber, and a coven of petty bureaucrats on their chaotic odyssey of home renovation, uninformed gardening, and sporadic child rearing in the witty memoir, Plumbersutra."

The Village Bookstore
2 Washington Avenue
Pleasantville • 914-769-8322

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