You’re Never too Old to Rock ‘n Roll

You love the guitar but you think that ship sailed years ago. You took a lesson or two and even owned a guitar, but that was decades ago. Or maybe you never held a guitar in your life but you’ve always dreamed of being able to strum along to a song or two when you get together with old friends. And now you think it’s too late.

Maybe your kids, or even your grandkids have a better shot of developing that talent. Maybe you can call out songs for them to play as you watch and listen with envy while they do what you have only dreamed of doing.

Throw that doubt in the trash. You aren’t dead yet. If your hands still work you can pick up a guitar.

“But you’ve been playing for years, I’ll never be that good” – Joe “Too Old” Smith

Wrong, you will be that good … in time. If you are 50 years old and start taking lessons now, by age 60 you will have ten years of experience. Ten years of experience doing anything gives you an undisputable know-how. There is still time to be a musician.

Playing guitar is a shared language between generations and a common ground between rivals. It relieves stress and is therapeutic. What’s not to like? With age and maturity come several advantages to taking up an instrument:

1. You can do it on your own terms: Your parents aren’t forcing you to take lessons. You aren’t a child that has to sit and learn songs you hate. Lessons for adults tend to factor in taste and preference more than those for kids.

2. You are more disciplined: Maybe not when it comes to that second piece of cake, but let’s face it, you have more discipline than a grade-schooler. You know how to manage your time, you’re responsible. You’ve completed school, started a family, embarked on a career, handled a mortgage, so you can absolutely learn to play guitar. Put your mind to it just like you have with all the big things in your life. You can do this!

3. You can afford it: You don’t have to learn on a shoddy instrument anymore, or play through an amp that barks at you when you stop picking. You can afford a good instructor and good equipment. You are set up for success and can get there with gear you are proud of.

4. You’ll impress your friends and family: Be the source of entertainment at your next family party. Plus, showing that you can achieve a goal sets a great example for people close to you.

Remember, in music, and life in general, it is never too late to start. Cast away doubt and make that first move, whatever it may be. Make the commitment. Purchase an instrument, sign up for lessons, tell friends and family that you are going to do it. Put the pressure on yourself, and then thank yourself later.

Paul Bessolo is the owner of Rock Island Sound in Tarrytown and Rye. You can reach him and his team of musical experts at 914-333-0420

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