Power Plays, Horsemen to Stags

Tyler Birrittella, a native of Tarrytown, graduated from Sleepy Hollow High School in 2004 and is currently a junior at Fairfield University. The Birrittella Family has a history in Tarrytown that transpires over 100 years.

imagesThey own and operate the Tarrytown Bakery, which was started by Tyler’s great-grandfather Vincenzo Birrittella in 1907.

The Tarrytown Bakery, located at 151 Wildey Street, is a three-generation family business that produces the popular Birrittella Bread. The original owner, Vincenzo Birrittella, passed the business down to his son, Mike, who is Tyler’s grandfather, who then handed the business down to three of his seven sons, including Mitchell (Tyler’s dad), Michael and Matthew. Categorically, all seven of Mike Birrittella’s sons were given the M.B. initials! Tyler’s father’s other four brothers are named Marty, Mark, Miles and Meredith.

Tyler, now 20 years old, began playing baseball at the age of five in the Pee-Wee Leagues of the combined Tarrytown and North Tarrytown (TNT) Little League. Mitch coached Tyler’s TNT teams, assisting his son’s progression through Little League. By the age of 14 years old, Tyler was playing on advanced teams, such as the Westchester Wild Cats of the Westchester Baseball Association.

At Sleepy Hollow, Tyler established his baseball prowess immediately. He was promoted from the junior varsity to the varsity baseball team, while still in eighth grade. "Tyler’s baseball ability was always ahead of his age group. He was always competing three or four years ahead of his age group," revealed Tyler’s father, Mitch.

Moreover, not only did Tyler play five years of varsity baseball at Sleepy Hollow, he played quarterback on the football team and was the captain of the baseball, basketball and football teams, during his junior and senior years!

"Tyler had a rare combination of athletic ability and an intense work ethic at Sleepy Hollow," remembered Sleepy Hollow Head Baseball Coach Jim McVay. "He was a verbal leader off the field and on the field he led by example!"

Tyler played shortstop in high school but with the Fairfield University Stags, he has adjusted to the outfield position. He had a .347 career batting average at Fairfield. During his sophomore season, he played in 36 of the 47 games scheduled, and started in 31 games. "I am enjoying Fairfield a lot, I love it," explained Tyler! "I chose to attend Fairfield because it has a good academic history and a competitive baseball program." Academically, Tyler has achieved Dean’s List honors since attending Fairfield.

His parents, Mitch and Robin Birrittella, have two other children, Mitchell, Jr., 22 years old, who graduated this year from Binghamton University and their daughter Jayne,18 years old, who is a sophomore at Binghamton.

All three Birrittella children are outstanding athletes. Remarkably, they were all named Athlete of the Year, while attending Sleepy Hollow! Mitchell, Jr. played football, hockey and baseball and received the recognition in 2002. Jayne played basketball, softball and volleyball and was honored with the distinction in 2005. Tyler was Athlete of the Year in 2004 at Sleepy Hollow.

"We are proud of all our children! They were just special children that were aware of how to lead other children," said Mitch Birrittella. Mitchell married Robin Bucci on Halloween in 1981. This year, they will celebrate their 25th Wedding Anniversary.

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