So Close Yet So Very Far Away

There’s so much to say about the Castle in Tarrytown, and those who visit its magnificent grounds on a hilltop overlooking the Hudson River, find descriptive adjectives most useful.


It’s as if one is being transported out of the ordinary into the sublime. The Castle is an opportunity for one’s senses to feast. Visually the façade of the building is striking. Its interior décor is one of warmth and splendor. The people who greet you are genuine in their invitation for you to relax and truly enjoy your stay. That stay can be as brief or prolonged as one has time for. Brevity can include an intimate drink in the General’s Bar. For those seeking an afternoon respite High Tea makes for wonderful conversation in the Garden Room, accompanied by English Tea sandwiches, freshly baked scones, pastries and a choice of teas. The General’s Bar serves throughout the day and into the evening while High Tea is served from 2:30pm – 5pm daily.

As the weather warms, High Tea moves outdoors to the terrace overlooking a simply elegant and seasonably colorful garden. For a touch of effervescence a glass of Laurent Perrier Champagne makes High Tea complete. .

Dining at the Castle offers an exciting array of rooms to choose from, each with their own individual atmosphere. The Garden Room has light and spaciousness coupled with a variety of potted greenery. The Oak Room offers candlelit ambiance and a fireplace to look into. The Tapestry Room is precisely what is says and its walls are a mixture of patterns and textures. For affairs of the heart such as weddings, anniversaries and other gatherings, The Great Hall can accompany up to 150 guests. With its beautiful mandala window the Hall is a compelling choice for Corporate gatherings. .

Cuisine at the Castle is second to none. From its variety and beautiful presentation, guests are treated to a dining experience that is truly memorable. Coupled with uncompromising and unpretentious service, the choice of breakfast, lunch, brunch or dinner is to be savored. As with everything at the Castle, guests are treated as if their stay, whether brief or extensive, is special and personal. Indeed, leaving the Castle immediately lets one know just how special their time has been. Fortunately the experience can be relived on the hilltop off of Benedict Avenue in Tarrytown. So close, yet so very far away. .

For additional information about the vast array of services offered at the Castle one can call the award-winning Equus Restaurant at 631-3646 or the Hotel at 631-1980. A preview of the Castle can seen at

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