Brothers on a Mission – Make Someone Happy

Doug and Jim Crossett are not only brothers, but the owners of two highly successful restaurants in Pleasantville. Michael’s Tavern and McArthur’s have become staples in the Pleasantville community much like their owners.

imagesBoth brothers are Pleasantville High School and Pace University alumni and take great pride in offering their fellow friends and neighbors excellent food in two distinct atmospheres. But besides great food and being well-known in the Pleasantville community, the Crossett brothers owe much of their success to the sense of service and work ethic they learned from their parents.

"We got our strong desire to please and serve others from our mother," said Doug. Their mother was infatuated with the romance and sophistication that went with fine dining. "She always loved the classy and adult-oriented atmosphere of a restaurant," Doug added. Their father, on the other hand, enjoyed the classic pub and sports bar settings. "Our father used to like to go to the pub to get a drink and watch the game with us," said Doug. "We get our competitive nature and work ethic from our father," added Jim. Although, in very different settings, Doug and Jim learned from their parents that no matter what type of place, it’s the quality of service and hard work that counts the most. The Crossett brothers have also managed to incorporate both of their parents’ ideal dining settings into their own restaurants.

Michael’s Tavern has been run and operated by Doug for over 26 years. The sports bar atmosphere is ideal for anyone looking for a good hearty meal while watching a game. The portions are great, the amount of beers on tap is varied, and there are plenty of large screen TV’s. During good weather there is also a nice outdoor dining area as well. Michael’s Tavern is also one of the few places to boast that Lawrence Taylor, former New York Giants star, was a frequent visitor who would often get behind the bar and serve drinks to fans.

McArthur’s, which was purchased in 1998, may not have the history of former football players serving drinks, but it does have a beautifully furnished bar. The bar itself has a sense of elegance and charm that is often hard to find in modern bars. The atmosphere in the restaurant is no different, with mahogany booths and candlelit tables. McArthur’s tends to draw people looking for fine dinning in an intimate setting. Often, theater-goers will dine there prior or after a showing at the Jacob Burns Film Center.

"Our job is to make someone happy…as hokey as that may sound, that’s what we do," laughs Jim. "We always ask ourselves, ‘if we do this are our customers going to like it?’" added Doug.

It’s that attention and care that has garnered Doug Crossett Pleasantville’s "Business Man of the Year" award on two separate occasions. Besides serving their own customers, the Crossett brothers have raised money through their restaurants for the local schools, in particular the Pleasantville sports teams.

Michael’s Tavern is located on 150 Bedford Road and can be reached at 769-9849. McArthur’s is on 14 Washington Avenue across from the Jacob Burns Film Center and can be reached at 773-4281.

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